• COVID-19 What are we doing?
    Our offices are now closed however we will still be providing a telephone helpline during
    normal office hours by our usual 0845 402 5050 number which will route you to the relevant
    For the Safety and wellbeing of our staff we have instructed them to follow the Governments
    instructions and work from home, therefore we will not be carrying out any further Training
    and Site / Workplaces visits until safe to do so. We will resume visits once it’s safe for
    us to do so on Government recommendation only.
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  • Complete Safety Solutions
     End to end services for compliance 
    Safety Services (UK) Ltd. has now been providing Health
    and Safety advice and training services to industry
    for over 30 yrs. Our team of full time advisers and trainers
    have been recruited from a range of employment sectors namely
    local authority, construction, manufacturing, engineering and retail.
  • On and Off Site Training
     Training to fit your schedules 
    At Safety Services (UK) Ltd have identified a range of training needs
    and have developed courses to address these in accordance with current
    Health and Safety Law. Further details of our standard courses,
    we are able to adapt any of them to suit your individual needs.
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Training Offers

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Advisors Nationwide

We have safety advisors all over the UK. So if you need just one site in a specific location or multiple sites across many, we can fulfil your needs.

Document Creation

Our document creation services means you can generate Risk Assessments, CoSHH Documents and much much more via the Client Portal instantly, all tailored and customised with your branding ready in minutes..

Stay Connected

All the latest safety information and news at your fingertips. Review safety inspections and download reports the instant they are completed onsite. View and close out faults at your convenience.

Three simple steps for your complete peace of mind.

Initial "SafetyNet" Inspection

Our 'SafetyNet™' inspection is the initial health check on your safety.

Scheduled Inspections

Guaranteed peace of mind with scheduled inspections to suit your requirements.

Reporting and Training

Always know, real time, the state of your safety obligations. Top up on skills and certification with our training services.

What is your current status with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment? Can you say for sure? Well, every Safety Services package starts with a SafetyNet™ audit to evaluate your current position in all these areas.

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We don't stop there. Health, Safety and the Environment are constantly changing topics. Every scheduled visit reports back findings against the latest legislation to ensure you are completely covered and that your sites, staff and contractors are covered.

All well and good so far. But how does your position now compare with that of last year? Are there any areas of concern. Do some sites, staff members or contractor not perform as well as others? Would training or documentation help? These questions and many more will be answered with our Wise™ reporting tools.

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To provide absolute peace of mind for our clients, we have undergone industry accreditation programmes.