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Abrasive Wheels

To provide delegates with sufficient information to safely use abrasive wheel power tools and to recognise and understand the wheel markings in order to safely change wheels.

Asbestos Non Licensed Removal

To provide delegates with an understanding of working with non-licensed asbestos/NNLW and to enable them to utilise safe practices in removal of non-licensed products. Where it might be found and how it causes illness, thereby ensuring they are aware of a potential hazard. This course has been developed in line with HSG210 Asbestos Essentials

CDM Regulations

CDM Regulations 2015 Client, PD & Designers

To provide an overview of the duties imposed on those with responsibilities in the NEW Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Who should attend: Clients, Principal Designers, Designers and H & S Professionals.

CDM Regulations PC & Contractor (2015)

The New Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 came into force in April 2015 and replaces the 2007 regulations. The new Regulations place greater emphasis on design and planning in the early stages of a project, with greater responsibility placed on Duty Holders, this focuses on PC & Contractor, with summary on other Duty Holders

DSE Assessment (Work Stations)

Our aim is to provide delegates with a clear understanding of the requirements to assess individual workstations to ensure that they adhere to current regulations and that the user is given the required information to enable them to operate the work station safely.

Dust Control on Construction Sites

Based on CIS Sheet 36 - Construction Dust (HSE Construction Information Sheet) This is to provide delegates on construction sites and workshops with an awareness of dust and the control techniques available for suppression under COSHH 2002 Regulations.

How to assess the risk from dust and what harm they can cause

Face Fit Train the Tester

This half day course is designed to be informative & interesting with a real purpose of preventing ill health in the work place.

To teach individuals from companies in correct face fitting techniques to protect your business & employees Qualitative face fit testing for all persons required to fit employees or Sub-Contractors in line with current legislation & industry best practice.

Please DO NOT drink tea or coffee etc. before you attend, stick to water.

We are also a stockist for JSP testing kits & Masks, please ask our team for prices

Fire Marshal

The aim of this course is to ensure that those persons nominated as fire marshals are aware of their responsibilities and capable of operating a fire extinguisher when required.

General Workplace H & S

To provide delegates with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities with regard to health and safety, thus enabling them to undertake their management duties in the day-to-day running or the office or workplace

H & S Site Operatives

A one day course for Construction Site Operatives to provide sufficient health and safety awareness to satisfy the legal requirements.

Harness Inspection and Safe Use

Our Safety Harness Level 3 (Inspection) Course delivers a minimum of 3.5 hours of both theory and hands on practical instruction and provides candidates with the required competency to safely and correctly carry out the statutory inspections to general items of fall protection equipment and accurately record their findings. This course incorporates the guidance on inspection regimes detailed in INDG-367 along with supporting sample forms and documentation. The inspection procedures recommended in this course have been discussed with representatives of manufacturers, suppliers, installers and major users. It is recommend that formal, in-depth inspections should be carried out and recorded periodically at minimum intervals of every six months by a competent person. This safety harness course is aimed at providing the competence required to complete both interim and detailed inspections and record the findings on a range of commonly used fall protection equipment

Manual Handling

To provide an understanding of the structure of the back, the causes of pain, methods of assessing risk and adopting lifting techniques likely to avoid damage to the back

Mobile Towers for Users

Aim: A theoretical and practical training course to ensure that persons using mobile towers are aware of the risks involved and the appropriate action to take regarding the construction and use of mobile towers in order to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level those risks.

Risk Assessments & Method Statements

A fully interactive course with lots of interaction & exercises throughout the day

This will provide delegates with a foundation for the completion of risk assessments and method statements.

Exercises set by the tutors who will be fun and give you confidence to undertake RA & MS

By the end of the day you will have a full understanding of both Risk & Hazards and how to manage/control these vital aspects

Safe Work at Height

To provide delegates with a clear understanding of the hazards they face when carrying out their daily duties at height

Scaffold Appreciation

To enable Site Foremen, Managers and Advisors with previous scaffold experience to carry out inspections of scaffolding on site and complete safety reports following the inspection. This will provide site operatives with prior experience with the knowledge of how to safely inspect scaffolding before use and how to use correctly and safely.

Scaffold Inspection

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 requires the inspection of certain work equipment and places of work at height. It also requires that every employer shall ensure that no person engages in any activity, including organisation, planning and supervision, unless they are competent to do so, or, if being trained, is supervised by a competent person. The Scaffold Inspection Course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge needed to enable them to understand how to inspect scaffolding structures in accordance with statutory Regulations and current guidance.

Steps and Ladders

Bespoke course at a suitable venue of your choice or book it at our training suite - Theory & Practical - Let us know your requirements or ask us for a quote A theoretical and practical training course to ensure that persons using steps and ladders do so having considered all other safer means of access and that they are suitably aware of the hazards associated with using steps and ladders.

Test 1 course

Workshop Safety

The itinerary will be based on general workshop safety or tailored to your workshop - Call or email for a quote

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